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Sunday, November 10, 2013

Work basketball

Last Sunday I met up with some people from work for basketball. Initially I wasn't too keen on the idea, thinking that everyone would be shit house anyway and I'd just end up standing around and still beating everybody.

But then Wongy started sending around all these emails about him and his team winning. At first I took it as a joke, but then every single email he sent was about him winning. I finally thought "alright, you're asking for an ass whopping". He must've thought that just because he was on the bigger team with Aaron and Markus that it equated to a sure win. I hate people who assume that bigger = better in basketball.

When the teams were first put out, I was a bit surprised at how uneven they were in terms of size, but it turned out that it was probably more based on personality. We didn't really shoot back at any of the shit Wongy was sending, except Belinda did one towards the end which I would've done myself. I don't know, I got the feeling that we just thought "ok, we'll shut up for now and beat them when it counts".

I had a bit of trouble navigating my way through the narrow alleys of Newtown, but eventually found it and saw Markus sitting on a bench with his wife and kid around. We shot around and chatted a bit before Aaron arrived with his family. Although they hadn't played for a while, I could see they used to play. Aaron surprised me by dunking it.

Wongy arrived next, and as expected, looked like a fish out of water with his sporting attire. Then Belinda and Chris arrived. One of Wongy's shoes completely disintegrated before the match even started, and he decided to play bare footed.

Belinda really surprised me because she could actually play. Like...really play. She shot like a girl, but other than that, she was quite physical. She even blocked Markus and made him fall on his back. I like the way she drives and manages to use her shoulder to get some separation.

I scored the first basket on a put back miss, but didn't really have a special game. I scored a few baskets, but didn't make any good passes and felt like I didn't really stand out, although I ended up hitting the game winning shot as we played to 21. I thought Bel fudged the scores a bit, but not sure if she did it on purpose or not.

Wongy had to call a time out as he was out of breath, and then later his other shoe disintegrated.

Sucked in.

According to him he hadn't worn those shoes for about eight years, and were at least 15 years old.

After the game we all went to a pub for a drink, and I sat around with my lemonade talking to Wongy, Aaron and Markus. I kinda wanted to talk to Bel, seeing I've always wanted to meet a girl who played basketball, but she sat with the women. I'm not sure about her. She's a single mother, which I must admit I'm not ok with. At the court she seemed a bit defensive towards me. When I'd walk to her end she'd walk to the other. She is quite pretty though.

Anyway, as usual, I felt a bit out of place in a pub. When everyone was wishing Sally happy birthday, I awkwardly blurted out those words, not even sure if she heard it until she said thanks. Ugh.

I managed to take Wongy's lead in leaving and we walked to our cars together. Funny thing was, when I drove past him as he was at his car, I yelled out and beeped my horn and he didn't even look.


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